Types of support

The Fritz Thyssen Foundation supports:

  • Research projects for certain amounts of time
  • Young researchers with doctoral degrees through the award of research stipends
  • Smaller research and scientific conferences
  • To a certain extent the publication of the results of research work for which resources have been apportioned

Applications can only be filed by scholars from a school of higher learning or a non-profit research institution in Germany or foreign countries.

Funding is basically reserved for projects that are related to the promotion areas of the Foundation and have a clear connection to the German research system. This connection can be established either at a personal level through German scientists working on the project, at an institutional level through non-German scientists being affiliated to German research institutes or through studies on topics related thematically to German research interests.

Applications Periods and deadlines Important
Projects Applications can be filed up until mid-February and until mid-September Funding for persons, tangible items and travel can be applied for.
Conferences Applications can be filed up until
28 February
31 May
31 August or
30 November
of each and every year.
Decisions are issued eight to ten weeks after the expiry of the application deadlines.
Research Stipends Applications can be filed at any time The research stipends are intended for junior researchers, generally one to two years after they have received their doctorate. No research stipends are awarded for doctoral dissertations or post-doctoral theses.
Travel Subsidies Applications can be filed at any time Travel to congresses and conferences are not funded.
Printing Subsidies Applications can be filed at any time Only possible for publications which emanate from projects which have already received funding.

The foundation can only support scholarly projects within the framework of the fields and areas of concentration which it has specified. Here is a list of fields, institutions and issues which are not allowed to receive any support:

  • Support for university studies
  • Scholarships or grants for doctoral dissertations
  • Scholarships or grants for post-doctoral theses
  • Projects without reference to the German science system
  • Projects with a didactical focus
  • Supplemental grants for scholarships or grants which are provided by other sources
  • Grants for printing of publications which have not been produced with the support of the foundation
  • Translation work which has no connection to a support measure of the foundation
  • Provision or supplement of institute budgets
  • Participation in congresses in Germany and abroad
  • International congresses – conferences of scholarly societies
  • Summer schools
  • Exhibitions
  • Applications from secondary schools and vocational schools
  • Applications from adult learning centres and other facilities in the field of adult education
  • Applications from non-profit facilities in the field of adult education
  • Applications from non-profit associations which do not directly pursue scholarly objectives
  • Charitable projects