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Figures, data and facts

The majority of financial resources go into project support, followed by grants and scholarships and scientific events.

“History, language and culture” is the biggest area of support for the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. Usually more than half of total financial resources apportioned flow into this area. The areas of “State, economy and society” and “Medicine and natural sciences” account for approximately 40 percent of the total financial resources apportioned each year. The special programs are the smallest part of support for the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

Funds granted in 2022

According to areas of support
  • History, language and culture: € 8.1 m
  • State, economy and society: € 3.7 m
  • Medicine and natural sciences: € 2.4 m
  • Other: € 0.2 m


According to types of support
  • Projects: € 11.6 m
  • Stipends and travel subsidies: € 1.0 m
  • Conferences: €  1.4 m
  • Other: € 0.4 m

The foundation is grateful for suggestions and applications, but also encourages initiatives, specifies special focal areas in its fields of support and encourages researchers interested in particular topics with established credentials to perform research.  By the same token it welcomes the inclusion of foreign researchers’ work and ideas in its support-related activities. The Foundation conducts scientific symposiums and lecture series and has planned and organised a host of model programmes for the support of especially gifted and qualified junior researchers.

The Fritz Thyssen Foundation also cooperates with other institutions such as, for example, the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Together they award the “International Humanities Prize” each year. The prize money is used to support transation of award-winning works by researchers working in the humanities and cultural sciences into English.

The foundation does not have any research institutes or teaching facilities of its own. Nor does it generally support projects in fields from which it generates its earnings.

Financial resources granted from 1961 to 2022 in millions of Euros

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