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The Fritz Thyssen Foundation supports scholarly events, in particular national and international conferences with the aim of facilitating the discussion and analysis of specific scholarly questions as well as fostering cooperation and networking of scholars working in the same field or on interdisciplinary topics.

An application can be filed in the following areas of support:

Funding is basically reserved for projects that are related to the promotion areas of the Foundation and have a clear connection to the German research system. This connection can be established either at a personal level through German scientists working on the project, at an institutional level through non-German scientists being affiliated to German research institutes or through studies on topics related thematically to German research interests.

Applications for conferences
  • Conditions
    • Applications can generally only be accepted if they come from universities or non-profit research institutions.
    • In the case of applications from non-governmental institutions within the EU/EEA, the application must be accompanied by a copy of the currently valid tax exemption notice for corporations.
    • Applicants must have a doctoral degree.
    • The number of speakers should generally not exceed 15 to 20 persons.
    • Congresses or larger conferences or sections within the framework of symposiums, annual conferences, etc., or purely doctoral workshops or summer schools cannot be supported.
    • The foundation generally does not accept any applications for projects if applications are being filed with other institutions at the same time to ease the burden on its experts assessing applications. An application that is refused by another institution can be filed with the foundation along with a note explaining why it was refused (s. application form).
    • It is generally not possible to revise applications that have been rejected by the Foundation.
  • Suggested outline for the application
    • Application form (signed in the original by all applicants)
    • Detailed account of the scholarly goals (around 5 pages)
    • List of the speakers with academic degree, subject area and (tentative) lecture topics
      • A distinction should be made between speakers who have been “invited” and  those who have “accepted” the invitation.
      • The precondition for the experts’ assessment of the application is that at least  two-thirds of the speakers have accepted the invitation. (This also applies to conferences whose field of participants is compiled through a call for papers.)
    • Program and time schedule
    • Budget:
      • Itemization of the resources applied for with the foundation according to types of costs. Generally only resources for active participants/speakers can be applied for.
      • If applicable, the applicant’s own resources or resources through third parties
    • Curriculum vitae of the applicant

    Only a single set of applications should be sent (unstapled and unbound) by postal service.

    Applications may be submitted in German or in English.

  • Deadlines for submission

    Applications for support of a scholarly event can be submitted to the foundation by

    • February 28th
    • May 31st
    • August 31st
    • November 30th

    of each year. The date on the postal stamp applies.

    Please note that due to the high number of applications, it may take a few days until you receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

    Normally a decision is made eight to ten weeks after each of these dates.

    The scheduled conference should take place no earlier than six months after the end of the respective application deadline. Reasons must be stated for an application that is submitted a shorter period before a conference.

    It is generally not possible to receive support for a conference that has already been staged.

  • Types of costs

    Financial resources can be applied for to cover

    • travel expenses (rail travel 2nd class, air travel economy class), broken down according to speakers,
    • costs of accommodation,
    • meal costs for active participants/speakers,
    • to a limited extent, generally up to € 1.000,- resources to defray incidental conference costs (printing of flyers and posters, conference support by student helpers or assistants, rental costs for conference rooms etc.) and
    • childcare costs incurred during the conference (at least one offer must be attached).

    The foundation generally does not provide subsidies for speaker’s fees.

  • Notice of grant, disbursement and accounts

    The conditions governing the grant are stated in the letter announcing the grant to the candidate. It is important that any restrictions in connection with the various types of costs be noted. In accepting the grant, the candidate commits himself to carrying out the conditions of the grant.

    The funds will be disbursed upon the request of the grant holder – signed in the original – or the office administrating the funds (state the file number, third-party funds account, bank information, internal accounting signs). A call-up of funds can be sent to the foundation by fax or as a pdf file attached to an e-mail. Disbursement should be effected as close to the planned date of the event as possible.

    Rededication of  the funds or use of the funds to defray other expenses not stated in the application is only possible if such is approved in advance by the foundation.

    At the end of the period of support, the grant holder must submit to the foundation accounts showing how the funds have been used as well as a final report on the conference (around 3 to 5 pages) – each signed in the original. Any funds not used must generally be returned after review of the accounts showing how the funds have been used and request for such by the foundation.

    The account statement along with the accounts showing how the funds have been used must be backed up with verifiable receipts and documents. These should be kept, but not sent to the foundation unless requested to do so.

    The foundation requests two offprints or specimen copies of publications in connection with the project. The foundation assumes that the publications will contain a note that support was provided by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. The logo of the foundation can be downloaded from the website for this purpose.

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