General terms and conditions applying to approvals:

  • Changes in the requirements for approval, in particular changes in the number of editions, the retail price, furthermore the publication of second editions and the use of material from the first edition in additional editions shall be subject to the consent of the foundation.
  • In these cases and in the cases of differences between the final invoice and the initial estimate, the foundation reserves the right to adjust its Notice of Support accordingly.
  • Important changes to the manuscript which become necessary after submission of the application for grants for printing shall not flow into the typesetting without the consent of the foundation.
  • The foundation shall be notified immediately about any grants from third parties. Such grants shall be subtracted from the grants for printing from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation if nothing to the contrary has been agreed upon in writing in individual cases.
  • The grant from the foundation shall be noted on the imprint.
  • The foundation shall receive three free copies of the work directly after it is published. The foundation may acquire additional copies at the net bookstore price. Brochures and copies of critiques shall be sent to the foundation by the publishing house.
  • The grant shall be disbursed when the work is published, evidence on use of the grant for the actual costs incurred has been submitted, reviewed and recognised and the free copies have been received by the foundation.

    A list of the actual costs which have been incurred broken down just like in the initial estimate along with an attestation by the publishing house that the costs have been incurred and the grant for printing has been used to defray said costs shall generally be deemed to suffice as evidence of the proper use of the grant.
  • The foundation may review the use of the grant by perusal of the books and receipts at the publishing house or commission another party to review such.
  • Partial payments – generally only to an amount of 50 percent of the grant – may be paid in advance on the approved sum total as soon as the work goes to print. If the foundation so desires, a statement of accounts on the use of the advance disbursal shall be provided. If the advance payment is not used properly, it shall be repaid without undue delay upon request. The foundation may demand that the advanced amount be repaid if the work is not completed within a reasonable period of time after the advance disbursal is carried out (generally a maximum of one year).
  • All payments shall be called up by the publishing house through the recipient of the approved grant personally. Financial transactions shall otherwise be conducted by the foundation and the publishing house directly.
  • The publishing house shall keep the work in its marketing and sales programme for ten years. After this it may decide as it sees fit whether to keep the title in its programme. It shall not “flog” the remaining editions at bargain prices, and shall instead offer such at the regular store retail price in selling such at a later point.

  • Within the framework of the sale of the remaining part of the edition, the publishing house shall supply scholarly institutions and persons who are not potential buyers (e.g. suitable libraries and institutes in the Third World) copies which could otherwise not be sold in return for reimbursement of the shipping costs.
  • If the Terms and Conditions are not abided by in spite of a reminder, the foundation may cancel the approval and demand that grants which may have already been disbursed be repaid.
  • The legal venue for any court disputes shall be Cologne.