Library Subsidies

Library subsidies and subsidies for purchasing research material can be awarded in special cases, particularly to make possible scholarly projects in the foundation's chosen areas of support.


  • Applications can generally only be accepted if they come from a university or a non-profit research institution.
  • The foundation generally does not accept any applications for projects if applications are being filed with other institutions at the same time to ease the burden on its experts assessing applications. An application that is refused by another institution can be filed with the foundation along with a note explaining why it was refused.
  • It is generally not possible to revise applications that have been rejected by the Foundation.


  • Name of the applicant
  • Description of the institution which the library subsidy is intended to support (status, addressees, etc.) and explanation of the scholarly purpose which the applied-for works or research material are to serve
  • List of the works or research material applied for (author/editor, titles or names, year published, publisher, prices and if applicable cost estimates)
  • Declaration that the application or a similar application has not been or is not being submitted to any other institution offering support (if an application(s) has indeed been filed, the foundation may request additional information on such).
  • Date and signature

A single set of the application documents is to be sent (unstapled and unbound) by postal service. Applications may be submitted in German or in English.


Applications for library subsidies can be submitted at any time. An answer can generally be expected in eight weeks.


The conditions governing the grant are stated in the letter announcing the grant to the candidate. In accepting the grant, the candidate commits himself to carrying out the conditions of the grant.

The volumes acquired are to be provided with the bookplate provided by the foundation.


After completion of the support, the foundation requires an informal report - signed in the original - along with confirmation that the volumes purchased have been placed in the library and an account statement verifying the use of the grant funds. Any financial resources that are not used must be returned after review of the verification of use and request by the foundation. The accounts prepared with the documentation of use must be accompanied by verifiable documents. These are to be kept, but not sent to the foundation unless requested to do so.