The Fritz Thyssen Foundation is supporting the work of the "Historisches Kolleg, Munich" in the academic years 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 with one research grant each year.

Created in  Munich in 1980, the Historisches Kolleg is based on the model of an "institute for advanced study", supporting prominent historians from Germany and abroad in research and teaching by allowing them to go on a sabbatical for research purposes.

Appointments to the Kolleg, which take place in response to applications, provide scholars the opportunity to concentrate completely on a major work ("opus magnum") free from teaching obligations in the unique atmosphere of Kaulbach Villa, located between the Bavarian State Library and the English Garden. Just like appointments to the University of Princeton or the Collège de France in Paris, these appointments are considered to be a commendation. In the selection made by the Curatorium at the Historisches Kolleg, the emphasis is especially on supporting individual researchers and not a particular topic.

The support offered by the Kolleg is geared towards scholars from the entire field of sciences that are oriented towards history. Funding of the Historisches Kolleg is based on the public-private partnership model, i.e. the Free State of Bavaria assumes the costs of "basic resources" (staff, material, Institute buildings), while private funding agencies (in addition to the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, these include at present the Gerda Henkel Foundation, the Dr. Egon and Hildegard Diener Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation) make financial resources available for the scholarships.

For additional information on applying for a research grant, see the following link:

The Managing Director of the Historisches Kolleg will provide additional information upon request:

Dr. Karl-Ulrich Gelberg
Kaulbachstraße 15
D-80539 München
Tel.: 49 +89 2866 3860
Fax: 49+89 2866 3863