The spectrum of topics and methods in the field of historical studies has seen an extraordinary surge of interest over the last decades. Political history, intellectual history, economic and social history have been joined by cultural history perspectives, with the history of epochs and nations being joined by the history of regions, cities and individual social groups. New approaches to the study of history include the history of experience and memories while the history of media and law, for instance, has also been receiving renewed attention. The rise of a united Europe has sparked greater interest in commonalities in Europe from a historical perspective as well. Processes of globalisation are challenging Eurocentric views of the world, stimulating a search for alternative methods of relating the history of the world or of mankind. This process of expansion and differentiation, proceeding all the way to the establishment of autonomous disciplines, has been accompanied by a host of new methodological approaches and changing perspectives.

The Fritz Thyssen Stiftung is open to applications for support from all areas of historical studies. It especially welcomes applications that are conceptually and methodologically innovative, whose projects address changing societies and explore the impact of these changes on various areas of life, ranging from everyday life to social institutions and all the way to the transformation of mentalities and world views.